So, there’s a few things you should know about me and this blog…First of all, while I am an emergency manager by trade, vocation, and calling; I won’t be posting here about my work in particular.  That’s one of the agreements I have with my boss about my use of social media to explore the things I’m learning.

Now that that’s out of the way, I am a married father who never expected to end up in emergency management or even emergency services!  I kind of fell into this world backwards a little over a decade ago, and for better or worse, I can’t get it out of my blood now.  When I say I fell into this world backwards, you should know that I went to school twice (without actually finishing either of them).  The first time was for Hotel, Resort, and Restaurant Management, and the second time was for Sociology.  While I don’t have a post-secondary degree, I have spent a lot of time working and volunteering in the emergency world.  Most recently, I spent time dispatching Fire and EMS in a regional centre.  I have recently moved out of the dispatch chair and into the emergency management chair (believe me, the dispatch chair is much more comfortable!)

One of the great things I learned while at school (even if I didn’t finish) was how to learn, and the art of learning new things.  I am a voracious reader and a passionate life-long learner who can’t ever know enough about anything!  One of the ways that I process and learn is to be able to write about what I am learning and my interpretations and new understandings.  My hope is that you will provide me feedback and help me to understand the things that I am learning much more deeply and in many different ways.

So, thank you for visiting, leave a comment or two, and enjoy your stay!