Just can’t turn it off…

My wife hates the fact that I don’t ever turn off my emergency management brain, but has learned to live with it. While on vacation this past week, I took some pictures of some great ideas I saw in different places. 
I saw this one in a long term care home. I think it even glows in the dark! They store it inside the room until they have evacuated the room and then it hangs on the outside door knob. This isn’t a perfect solution to marking evacuated rooms, but for a quick and dirty fix before getting a permanent solution, it’s a great idea!

This is an awesome idea!! Having a portion of the window that can be easily ventilated without breaking a window makes things easier on both the response and recovery and of things. Oh, and don’t mind the three year-old in the picture…we were on vacation at the time!

What are some of the great ideas you’ve seen when you’ve been on vacation or visiting somewhere new?


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