Managing my own Resilience

I have had a tough month.  I had a series of calls that took a toll on me emotionally and decided to take a step back from responding for a while.  Conveniently, I also had some vacation previously scheduled for the end of July, so I’ve been doing things to strengthen my own resilience.  I had reached the limit of my personal resilience and needed some time to find a new equilibrium.

So far, I’ve:

  • Spent some time playing with my daughter (including dancing with her at a long-term care facility to the great joy of some of the residents)
  • Smoking a cigar and drinking scotch with my mother
  • Enjoying a fantastic drive through one of my favorite areas of the country
  • Dismantling a dock with my father (our demolition activities have become an annual tradition)
  • Spent some time doing nothing…and not feeling guilty about it

I’ve got another week or so before I go back to work, and have some great experiences coming up!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Take a few minutes to look after yourself, you’ll be more resilient and happier too!


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