Always Learning

Welcome to my journey of learning and growth as I make my way through this beast we call Emergency Management!  I’m working in an Emergency Management role at the State/Province level in North America and trying to learn the ropes as I go.  One of my big challenges is that I’m not formally educated in Emergency Management (I know that’s not necessarily a bad thing), but I’m the type of person who wants to know as much as I can.

So, that brings me to this blog…One of the ways that I have always learned best is to take something I’m wrestling with and try to reframe it and put it into my own words.  This site will include my thoughts and musings on my personal studies, emergencies and disasters, and other relevant things as they come to mind.  Some of the posts will be things that I’ve written before and published elsewhere (usually LinkedIn), but most will be new thoughts specifically for this blog.

So, hi! Take a look, see what you like, and drop me a line!

Oh…and this picture? WordPress dropped it in as a placeholder in the hopes that I would put another picture in its place, but I kind of like this one so I’m keeping it!



6 thoughts on “Always Learning

  1. Looking forward to your next post. Useful information for anybody who finds themselves in any emergency. My posts are on productivity, orginisational skill, and other soft skills. Hopefully some will be useful. Keep it up.


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