Always Learning

Welcome to my journey of learning and growth as I make my way through this beast we call Emergency Management!  I’m working in an Emergency Management role at the State/Province level in North America and trying to learn the ropes as I go.  One of my big challenges is that I’m not formally educated in Emergency Management (I know that’s not necessarily a bad thing), but I’m the type of person who wants to know as much as I can.

So, that brings me to this blog…One of the ways that I have always learned best is to take something I’m wrestling with and try to reframe it and put it into my own words.  This site will include my thoughts and musings on my personal studies, emergencies and disasters, and other relevant things as they come to mind.  Some of the posts will be things that I’ve written before and published elsewhere (usually LinkedIn), but most will be new thoughts specifically for this blog.

So, hi! Take a look, see what you like, and drop me a line!

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Thank You!

In a couple hours, I am heading out to a picnic with my family to celebrate labour day.  As I do this, I’m acutely aware that it is only through the hard work of Unions and labour activists that I get to do so.  I’m also acutely aware that there are millions of people who are hard at work and don’t get today as a holiday.

So, to all those who are:

  • Patrolling the streets in a cruiser
  • Tending to the sick and wounded in an ambulance
  • Protecting their communities in a fire truck
  • Coordinating the response to Hurricane Harvey
  • Patrolling the flooded streets of Houston looking for people in distress
  • Standing behind the counter of a restaurant or at a cash register (and likely making minimum wage doing so)
  • Looking after those who are in hospitals, care facilities, psychiatric facilities, and other care settings
  • Harvesting and tending the fields to keep us all fed

and everyone else who finds themselves working today, I can only say:


The Strength of Family

If you’ve been watching this space, you may have noticed an absence of posts in the last week or so.  I have spent the last week deeply engaged with my regular job as we dealt with a larger-scale emergency (though not anywhere close to the size of Houston).  For my family, this was the first real taste of life with an Emergency Management Professional (can I call myself a professional?). They pushed through my late nights and early mornings, and I was always greeted with a happy “DADDY’S HOME!” from my daughter whenever I made it home before she went to bed.

For those who take on additional responsibilities at home so that we can look after the people in our care, may we be forever thankful.  Their strength and resiliency in the face of unexpected and lengthy absences makes our job a little bit easier.

Engaging Faith Communities in Emergency Management Functions

This morning, my family and I are back in search of a faith community to call our own. We were part of a fantastic community before we moved, but life interfered and since moving we haven’t been able to find one to call our own.  This, along with my previous experience with faith communities have led me to do lots of thinking about how to engage faith communities in emergency management functions. Continue reading

Organizing My Desk

As anyone who has seen my desk can testify, I’m not always the best at keeping my desk neat and orderly…So, this week I spent a few hours sorting out the things on my desk and prioritizing my piles into something a little more usable.  It often feels like the simple act of keeping things orderly on my desk and in my email inbox takes up as much time as actually doing the job!

Now, if only I could get my drawers sorted out!

Personal Resilience (Last) Part 4: What You can do About it…

So, what’s the point here? Why am I spending so much time focusing on the fact that bad things happen, and that sometimes those things are bad enough that we can’t cope with them?  Because, now you’re thinking about it! You’re thinking about those times in your life where things happened that you weren’t able to cope with.  If you’re fortunate enough to have never had anything bad happen to you, you are thinking about the ways that things might go wrong in the future. Continue reading